Bandcamp are waiving their cut sales again this Friday November 6th. Exclusive bits and free goodies

Since 2009, Bandcamp have accompanied us in our musical evolution. We are now happy to switch our profile to a label account for the pleasure of your ears. Feel free to visit it here.
The platform is waiving its cut sales again, so to celebrate we’ve got some exclusive bits up for sale. The latest physical copies of OY's second album, Kokokyinaka, Gaspard de La Montagne's first EP, Pôle, and the Dark Night Avenger 7" from All Automatic Wash are now available on Bandcamp. 
For all physical orders placed this Friday, November 6th, the compilation Creaked present Files Rec.: Reboot on CD/DL will be included free of charge in the shipment. Each vinyls order over $50 will also included the various artists Remodeled & Reworked Vol. 2 in 12" for free.
Browse all those and other bits we’ve got out now and available for preorder here: