Creaked 15th Anniversary Compilation

For the last fifteen years, Creaked has shaped the label to become a refuge for those who are inspired from a wide range of sources without ever being reducible to a narrow list of influences, believing that genres are largely obsolete. Straddling the edge of abstract electronics, shimmering avant-pop, techno and cutting-edge dance floor experimentation, this anniversary compilation features a 15-track selection, exclusively hand-picked by founder and A&R Léo Wannaz to celebrate the past, present and the future of his thriving independent label’s wide-ranging and adventurous catalog.

Embracing talented artists such as Larytta, OY, Gaspard de La Montagne, Ella Soto and many others, the compilation also includes the tracks Song For Tanzman from Buvette and Cosili's Boing Boing Boing that were never been released digitally and one exclusive cut from our brand new signee, Los Orioles, a band that springboards from chicha inspiration into its own sound, mixing french lyrics, psychedelic rock, cumbia and African percussions.

Available on digital download, cassette tape and postcard, the various-artists compilation 15 Years Of Nonsense And Beauty will also boast a special hand-numbered boxset limited to 30 copies featuring exclusive goodies to order from our online store starting on November 8th.

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