Independent Label Market: Berlin

We are delighted to make our Independent Label Market: Berlin debut alongside a number of German labels; K7, City Slang, Cómeme, Klasse Recordings, Monkeytown Records and international labels including BBE, Domino, Erased Tapes, Mute, Ninja Tune and Arboretum, Banlieue and Innervisions among others.

Independent Label Market returns to Berlin in August, with a third event to be held in the beautiful Prince Charles and TAK Theatre venues. Prince Charles club is one of Berlin’s notable hubs for electronic and hip hop music as well as concerts, while the TAK Theater is an events space with an active programme of theater, films and readings. The venues are located in the creative center Aufbau Haus, in the heart of Kreuzberg at Moritzplatz. Prince Charles, the one time staff swimming pool of the Bechstein’s Piano manufacturer, adjoins to TAK Theatre, which provides an ideal location for a days digging.