Larytta announces new EP 'Jura Libre' (Via Stereogum)

Swiss group Larytta are set to drop the Jura Libre EP on tax day. The electro dance purveyors make a bouncy brand of music that weaves many different rhythms in and out of each song, never settling into too much of a repetitive groove before another that’s just infectious takes its place. The four-track EP is pure dance floor bait, and its lead single “Sexy Front” is fun and flirty. Intricate rhythmic drums, quirky vocal samples, and warped synths collide with each other and switch cadences and patterns often, keeping the ear engaged and the body moving. The lyrics are just as playful as the instrumentation: “I like your front/ Your back/ Your future/ Your past” rides over the top of the interlocking rhythms. It’s pure, unbridled joy packaged in varying rhythms, a song that would bring any dance club to life.

Check it out exclusively on Stereogum.