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Specializing in organizing and playing at unofficial events, the two cousins who make up La Vie C’est Facile have spread the authentic sound of London's local backyards throughout the land.

In the middle of the blue-collar town of Biel/Bienne in Switzerland, La Vie C’est Facile have taken the concept of the DIY party to variety of new locations —apartments, basements, gardens or forests.

First putting together events with La Ménagerie and Tomorrow Is Today collectives and working hard while having a lot of fun with their friends and gang, they succeeded in squatting turntables here, there and everywhere.

Utilizing the bad seeds of grime beats and derivations of bass music, these dynamic djs and producers are spreading their musical message far and wide. Breathe deeply and you get a hint of dance-driven sweat, dogs coming in from the rain and of a few wafts of urine if your musical noise-ear is tuned to their style. C’est la vie, c’est facile.