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After having played as a DJ under different names, Neuchâtel based Mayline adopted in 2016 a more assertive profile. That’s how her alter ego Sunday Morning Ballet Class came to life. As much attracted by the binary rigor of electronic music as by the new wave sounds of the early 80’s, Sunday Morning Ballet Class applies to refine a surprisingly warm selection, oscillating between dark disco, Krautrock tainted electro and textured techno. Her sets create an atmosphere favorable to hazardous moves, plunging the audience into a sweet transe.

Sunday Morning Ballet Class has produced two remixes (Gary Numan - Cars and Tangerine Dream - Betrayal) and was a member of the swiss collective Statement until 2019. Her knowledge of contemporary music being pretty transversal thanks to years of activities in the music business (booking, production, promoter, etc.), she does not hesitate to mix the genres during her sets in order to catch the listener.

Through her experiments, Sunday Morning Ballet Class achieved to precise her very specific idea of an ideal dancefloor. Thus, she campaigns for a stimulating but not hammering electronic music, stirring and not stultifying. An experience of freedom for sure, but mostly a space of culture and sharing !