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Tatum Rush is an American/Swiss/Italian music, performance and video artist based in Switzerland, often working between Milan and Paris. Tatum Rush’s immediately lovable pop music and sensual disco-snake persona emerge from late-night dead-end alley smoke like one of Thriller’s zombies. He can also be found slouched on a sofa, sponge hotel slippers on his feet, reading Dostoyevsky and sipping rosé wine. He recently dropped the singles Mini Girls and Do Me No Right through his own label, THE WHITE VISITATION.

His upcoming singles will feature international artists including legendary Zap Mama and lists collaborations with artists such as Richard Dorfmeister, Björn Magnusson, Aeed, Bauchamp, Domi Chansorn and Ceri. Tatum Rush’s shows are a magnetic experiences that make you sweat inside and fit an underground New York noise club as much as they fit an aristocratic wedding in a Dubai penthouse.