Remodeled and Reworked Vol. 1

Cat. number: CRDS40
Release date: 19 Mar 2014

Taken from the label's back catalog and throwing in exclusive gems, Remodeled and Reworked Vol. 1 retrospectively showcases six years of Creaked Records' dancefloor-oriented groundbreaking remixes and standout edits. The compilation majestically opens with a remix –that hasn’t seen the light of day until now– by genius beatmaker Mike Slott, progresses through Dave Aju's weirdo house, Hound Scales' rough techno and ends with Sutekh's acid experimentation.

Replete with a large tracklist, Remodeled and Reworked Vol. 1 draws a kaleidoscopic and rich vision of Creaked's output over the last decade. Classic remixes like Lusine's « Paint Club » (from Swiss techno producer Julien Aubert's 2009 self-titled EP 12") reveals Creaked's elegant side, offering moody and smooth atmospheres; while Scuba's « Our Old Teen » (from Starting Teeth's 2008 I Continue In The Nude 12") reaches for the ceiling with distorted hypnotic vocal loops and high-intensity synths.

The compilation also includes three unreleased remixes of Gaspard de La Montagne's 2011 old duo Casque; from London, bass music lover My Panda Shall Fly; Swiss techno producer Isolated Lines; and LuckyMe's pioneer Mike Slott, mentioned above.

Creaked Records' sound, if there is such a thing, is impossible to pigeonhole. Always seeking to capture new, intriguing and constantly evolving sounds to add to our identity, Remodeled and Reworked Vol. 1 marks the label as a significant player in the dance music scene.

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