Cat. number: CRDS44
Release date: 15 Sep 2014

With the Stride 12", Isolated Lines lays down another thick slab of contemporary and modern dance music. The Swiss producer plays with the rhythmic dynamics of techno, striking a balance between avant-garde and accessible. Building cycles of beats at a constant speed and embracing difficult musical concepts.

Pushing the lower end to the front and creating cold, tense atmospheres, tracks like « Stride » and « Raze » are built for big rooms with a fascination for the darker end of techno.

On the flipside, « Uphold » offers a lighter, inviting touch, while the last track of the EP « Induce » sounds like techno eroded by time. It’s at this point that Isolated Lines' music is neither fast nor slow, permanently tense, creating a unnerving expectation influenced by old industrial and purely analog synth music.

For his second release on the label, the Stride EP is, for Isolated Lines, more restrained, even as its low-end bursts through clouds of distorted static. This is techno at its very darkest.

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