Ben Kaczor

Ben Kaczor’s hypnotic sound stimulates the emotional grey matter between lightness and darkness, boldly embarking through rough and challenging terrain with movements of evocative beauty and melancholia. Well known for his intense mix of atmospheric techno, energetic house and dramatic soundscapes, his music provides the catalyst for both introverted exploration and outward expression.

As the founder of the multi-disciplinary imprint KCZ/CZT/KCZX —a border-crossing project encompassing his collaborative approach to production, performance and visual art— Ben Kaczor is has been making waves from Europe to Asia, having performed, produced and promoted music extensively across both continents over the past several years. He has also released music on Stale, Files Rec., Merci Jitter and more.

Now based in Basel, Ben Kaczor was promoter/booker for .TAG in Chengdu, one of the most exciting upcoming underground clubs in Asia, and keep working to link scenes across the world with his passion for music culture and human connectivity.

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Ben Kaczor - Infused [Official Music Video]

Ben Kaczor - AHH [Official Music Video]