Dolphin Flight

Founded in 2015 in the depths of the Biel/Bienne's culture, Dolphin Flight quickly became one of the flagship bands of the Geneva-based label Cheptel. Free and creative, the band has largely participated in the proliferation and reputation of their city and the Swiss music scene.

Their first album, Mydriase, was released in 2018. At the same time, the group performs on a multitude of Swiss stages. Two European tours took place in France, Germany and Belgium in 2017 and 2019. That same year, the five musicians recorded and produced the tape Bateau Dragon & Julia's Roofparty which will also be released digitally on Cheptel.

In 2020, now with four members, the band have started composing again and developed a new album project, Méandres. Dolphin Flight takes the time to search for its roots, inspired by nature, spirituality, and the mysterious links between all things in our universe. The result is a series of enchanting, mystical and radiant compositions.

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