Linear Reflection

Cat. number: CRDS37
Release date: 15 Apr 2013

On Linear Reflection, talented Swiss techno producer Isolated Lines offers up four amazing shades of music, an EP taking in influences from a number of contemporary genres exploring textured industrial atmospheres, balancing solid rhythmics throughout and solid dancefloor beats. Although Linear Reflection is his first release for Creaked, Isolated Lines has made music for other record labels such an EP on Donor's Miniscule and remixes for Fifth Wall and Flashcut Records.

« Drift » opens the EP with subtle wandering atmospheres, metallic sounds, digital lazer noises and incomprehensible background vocals giving the impression of being surrounded by ghosts, whilst « January The 1st » plunges into dub techno and heavy dark ambiance with sophisticated rhythms always keeping an intense straight forward dancefloor spirit.

On « Sidestep », Isolated Lines keeps his heavy syncopated drums but adds more groove, crushing claps and percussive house beats with dubbed out synth melodies intertwined to provide one of the sexier tracks on the EP. Finally, « Dam » turns out slow anxious rhythms with heavy and distorted bass textures to reach a majestic melodic ascension.

With this stellar EP, Isolated Lines makes its mark as a signature sound for Creaked, a strong debut that proves without doubt the future of Swiss techno is in good hands. This is just the beginning.

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