About Creaked Records


With an orientation towards a wide variety of music and genres, Biel/Bienne-based Creaked Records is a cultural platform, a kaleidoscopic universe fulfilling the role of art and design house, booking agency, events and tours management, music-publishing company  –and, yes, a record label.

Our Origins and Early Years

After building a foundation in Switzerland and England over many years, the label, which came to be known as Creaked, was launched in Lausanne in 2004. The first releases, all from innovative local artists, brought a relevant and exciting soundscape marking the imprint as a significant player in the Swiss music scene and aboard. A building acumen in the area of experimental pop, glitch, techno and beyond led to the recruitment of several internationally renowned artists and newcomers whose releases received very positive feedback, both in Switzerland and globally.

Our Vision and Sound Identity

As well as supporting new projects with established artists, a lot of work and effort goes into an artist’s career development with a long-term relationship in mind. Creaked's sound, if there is such a thing, is impossible to pigeonhole. It likes to be open yet coherent. The label’s identity is, in part, an attempt to gracefully straddle stylistic divisions. It falls under the heading of “weirdo-pop” by trying to create space in which sounds and ideas can cavort without inhibition.

Our Diverse Artist Roster

Creaked’s current roster is large and eclectic, and its alumni are many. A broad list of its label’s artistry ranges from the psycho-retro-pop anthems of Los Orioles to techno producers Isolated Lines, Miro Lopasso and Julien Aubert. Somewhere in between or off to the side is the joyful, avant-garde noise-pop of OY, the field recordings experimentalism of Consor, the moody and warm electronic sounds of Gaspard de La Montagne, the off-kilter, afro-pop, degenerate-rock duo Larytta and electronic mastermind composer Sutekh. Collaborations have included Buvette, Starting Teeth, Alog, Verveine, Opak, Nathan Fake, La Vie c’est Facile, Scuba, Venetian Snares, Joe Galen, Alexander Robotnick, Ella Soto, Lusine, My Panda Shall Fly and countless others.

Visual Artistry and Collaboration

Creaked especially pays attention to artworks and strives to visually bring the listener the original emotion of the work as interpreted by local and international design artists.

Files Rec. Collaboration and Club Culture Exploration

In 2015, the Creaked presents Files Rec: Reboot compilation marked the new collaboration between Files Rec. and Creaked. Now its sister-label, the imprint keeps exploring club culture by pushing limits on the dancefloor. Artists such as Krizzli, Galtier, Ansome, Circuit 900, Shayu, Ben Kaczor are part of Files Rec.'s roster among others.

Our Timeless Mission

To define Creaked would only serve to limit it. Always evolving, always incorporating new sounds and new facets to its identity, the label still maintains its line: to bring great art to people with open eyes and open ears.