I Continue In The Nude

Cat. number: CRDS12
Release date: 28 May 2008

Following their incredible first full-length, Starting Teeth are back with I Continue In The Nude EP which consists of a selection of most danceable tracks from their album plus one very special cut « Twisted Floors » and « Our Old Teen » remixed by Scuba, owner of Hotflush recordings.

To reinforce their sound aesthetics, Starting Teeth are offering a killer combination of cuts 'n breaks techno shuffling with imaginary electronica soundscape.

Productions such as « xxDone » and « Empty » are definitively done to hit the world's biggest dance floors with tracks such as « Tongue Journey » and « Twisted Floors » are perfectly showing how Starting Teeth are free to not do what they can do.

« Ankles » shows their Haunted Twisted Legs trademark and brings you back to the 90's rave music. Don't miss it.