Starting Teeth

Starting Teeth is a collaboration between the brains of French producer Childe Grangier and Canadian but now Berlin-relocated Nathan Jonson, respectively known as Hopen and Hrdvsion.

Hopen, the Atlantic part, previously released numerous projects and collaborations on various labels and net-labels including, Everest, Plak, Mental Groove, Arbouse, etc. On the Pacific side, Hrdvsion has released killer EPs on Wagon Repair, ItIsWhatItIs and Plak, and remixed the works of Dominik Eulberg, Milanese, Kotchy and Hot Hot Heat, to name a few.

Not to do what they can do, Childe Grangier and Nathan Jonson decided to join forces to create a basis for the Next Century Haunted Dancefloor Twisted Legs Fighters!                              

So, early 2008, the twosome packed all of their glitch-hop, micro-house, experimental, haunted ambient energy into their debut album I Won't Do Anything I Can Do, injecting tons of loops and samples into it. I Continue in the Nude, an EP that features tracks off the album, soon followed.

Starting Teeth began doing live-acts last November, across England and Switzerland, performing with the likes of Nathan Fake, Petter (Border Community), Creaked's Mochipet, Larytta and Julien Aubert, Dj Assault, Tim Exil, Venetian Snares, Someone Else, got remixed by Scuba, Vincent Oliver, Dave Aju, Nathan Fake, Tanz/Tanz, Chief and collaborated with international artists such as K.Flay, Philippe Petit, Danuel tate, Larytta, Pinto and Oliver Mental Groove.

Starting Teeth current EP The Way of the Intercepting Fist draws upon their unique beatscape universe. With K.Flay the bad-ass rap queen from Oakland, they deliver a fine underground-hit "Weapons". And it seems that Hrdvsion couldn't keep his hands off it, yieldling a characteristically powerful remix of the already classic tune. This new EP will freshen up your ears!

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