The Way of the Intercepting Fist

Cat. number: CRDS16
Release date: 27 Aug 2009

Starting Teeth returns after a couple of debut European live-acts last November, 2008, and a weirdo remix of Mochipet « Lazy Day » which created a link between them and Oakland-based vocalist/rapper K.Flay.

Inspired by Bruce Lee's movie, Starting Teeth's new EP, The Way of the Intercepting Fist, once again draws upon their crazy beatscape universe. The first track « Weapons » features the versatile, bad-ass suburban rap queen K.Flay who offers a killer interpretation of wistful laidback hyphy cut with floating pads. Then comes « Venom » and its mischievous sonic shrapnel that will help you reach the very limits of your consciousness. Canadian Hrdvsion, now relocated in Berlin, brings a characteristically powerful remix of an already classic tune, « Weapons », freaturing k.Flay with an upbeat and catchy melody that will make you bounce.

On the flip side come two exclusive remixes of Starting Teeth’s debut I Won't Do Anything I Can Do album. With a westward wind, San Francisco's housey producer Dave Aju re-edits the « Burn the Roof Tropical » track to make it tailor-made for a sweat-drenched dancefloor. At the same time, London homie Vincent Oliver serves a smashing « xxDone » mental techno remix, leading us through dark shafts before bringing us back into the light.

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