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Originally from La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, Gaspard de La Montagne grew up with an early interest in the mechanisms of electronic music. After trying various styles and performing in several acts, he’s currently operating in a techno/bass register with cold, dreamy, atmospheres and heavy sub-bass making his productions sound immensely relevant and exciting.           

Following his highly acclaimed label debut, the ambitious and moody Pôle EP released in 2013, Gaspard de La Montagne returns this Spring 2015 with Stallion, a second EP. Although the Pôle EP was undoubtedly produced with dancefloors in mind and leans into what could easily be classified modern Pop, the new Stallion EP features two curiously optimistic-yet-hesitant sculptures of techno hybrids that wade into the deep end and are driven by well-endowed, low-end and contemplative melodies.

From a genuinely open-minded generation with incredibly varied taste, Gaspard de La Montagne brings you the best of it all as a sprawl of cross-pollinated inspiration.