Music Falls into a Mysterious Void

From its modest beginnings, the Swiss label Creaked has carved out a unique, colorful, adventurous and independent path of its own in the music world, appealing to both music fans and Djs with its eclectic sounds and textures. Growing international networks and community from Vevey to Manchester and Berlin to San Francisco, the imprint was first launched in Lausanne during the summer of 2004 before moving its office and headquarters to Biel/Bienne in 2018. Over two decades, surviving musical evolution and seismic industry shifts without losing its main position to support electronic music from experimental avant-pop to club sounds and beyond, the label keeps helping define the development of genres by unveiling records from newcomers to established artists. 

To mark its 20th anniversary, Creaked announces the release of "Music Falls into a Mysterious Void", a compilation bringing twenty new and exclusive gems, ten original cuts and ten remixes of emblematic tracks taken off its back-catalog that shaped the label's history with its artistry roster from the early days to the present. Freshly joined by the two brand new signings Nic as Well and Olive T, current artists such as Owelle and Inuit Pagoda rub shoulders with old pals like Larytta, Mochipet, Julien Aubert, My Panda Shall Fly and the late and greatly missed Bloodysnowman. 

With tracks including the dubby-slow-dance reinterpretation of Consor's ‘Monoski’ (2006) by Torchon & Ganj, the gorgeous IDM journey ‘Know Better, Do Better’ by Hrdvsion, the Me&Mobi’s post-electronica surgical cover of ‘Thot’ by Gaspard de La Montagne and the psychedelic-drone-ambient ‘Hamada’ by Al-Sarwib, this celebratory release encompasses a broad and stylistic range of the label's output. 

Highlights of the compilation contain Baltimore mastermind The Soft Pink Truth's rework of 2010’s ‘All Men Must Die’ by Sutekh, Bristol artist Galtier with his slamming remix of ‘Stride’ by Isolated Lines, ‘Who Took This Base Out?’ by Zürich geek minimal techno producer Cosili and pop wave hero Buvette's remix of ‘Clair de Lune’ by Los Orioles. 

While UK artists Ikonika appears with her infectious remix of Oy's ‘First Box Then Walk’ and Elsa Hewitt transforms Verveine's ‘Veine R #1’ into a subtle and delicate version, Parisian hybrid house genius Sunareht rounds off the ceremony with his majestic remix of Scarlett’s ‘Give Up’. 

Mastered by Samuel Vaney and art designed by Monokini, this selection of tracks is way more than just a compilation— this is 20 years of music activities, all packed together in one. Creaked’s tale is the slow rise of a real indie record label with multiple sounds and a wide roster from the ground up, learning through error and success, listening and always adapting without becoming jaded or losing its passion. With "Music Falls into a Mysterious Void", the label showcases its forward-thinking vitality through looking behind and braving into the future. 


Released on: 06.09.2024
Catalogue N°: CRDS80
FormatDigital / Limited Poster
Artwork by: Monokini


1. Owelle - Binge Watch
2. Hrdvsion - Know Better, Do Better
3. Sutekh - All Men Must Die (The Soft Pink Truth Remix)
4. Inuit Pagoda feat. Thomas Richard - Bells Echo in My Body
5. Verveine - Veine R #1 (Elsa Hewitt Remix)
6. Gaspard de la Montagne - Thot (Me&Mobi Cover)
7. Julien Aubert - Variation E
8. Al-Sarwib - Hamada
9. Larytta - Broken Leg Theory (Corps Pur Remix)
10. Mochipet - Lucid (Dedicated to Bloodysnowman)
11. OY - First Box Then Walk (Ikonika Remix)
12. My Panda Shall Fly - SSIM (Hrdvsion Remix)
13. Isolated Lines - Stride (Galtier Remix)
14. Cosili - Who Took this Base Out?
15. Nic as Well - Boss Keys
16. Olive T - Salt Reflection
17. Consor - Monoski (Torchon & GANJ Remix)
18. Bloodysnowman - Ghosts Together Forever
19. Los Orioles - Clair de Lune (Buvette Remix)
20. Scarlett - Give Up (Sunareht Remix)

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