Remodeled and Reworked Vol. 2

Since 2004, Creaked has always pushed the music forward by bringing up-and-coming artists, shaping its very own style of electronic music and building a cutting-edge discography that defies all manner of genre. To celebrate the 40th addition to our catalog, the extended Remodeled and Reworked Vol. 1, we look at some of our best moments with a second remix collection.

Remodeled and Reworked Vol. 2 picks the label's most exciting recent tracks, from OY's "Akwaba", Gaspard de La Montagne's "Pôle" to Kylmyys' "Very Jeremiah" and the exclusive Larytta's "Broken Leg Theory" cut. Then gives them some brand-new spit 'n polish from four of our favorite artists, Glaswegian Dam Mantle, Italian house producer Bottin, techno labemate Isolated Lines and Creaked's newer artist, My Panda Shall Fly.


Released on: 11.04.2014
Catalogue N°: CRDS41
Format12" / Digital
Artwork by: Jonathan Manasala


1. Larytta - Broken Leg Theory (Dam Mantle Remix)
2. OY - Akwaba (Bottin Rerub)
3. Gaspard de La Montagne - Pôle (Isolated Lines Remix)
4. Kylmyys - Very Jeremiah (My Panda Shall Fly Remix)

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