Believe the Weatherman

Cat. number: CRDS23
Release date: 23 Jun 2010

Believe the Weatherman –the second delightfully winning single from Manchester-based Joe Galen's Creaked debut For Triangles— begins as an apology and ends as a love song. Soft vocal harmonies accompanied by flutes and glockenspiel create a tender, bittersweet atmosphere, like something you'd want to listen to on a sunny Sunday morning. Its simple lyrics, straightforward structure and crystalline melodies make « Believe the Weatherman » an exquisitely happy-go-lucky track, a real debonair anthem. 

The single also includes the instrumental version as well as two Swiss remixes from Ghostape and Filewile, which bring a more bouncy, dub club twist to it.

To get your ears all worked up, Kid Chocolat's exclusive version of « Contravention » is a clean-cut remix with a distinctive, crisp techno feel to it. Finally, the bonus track « Enraptured Carpets » adds the perfect finishing touch to this second Joe Galen single.

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