Over his very active release and project history, Lausanne’s Gregory Poncet has torn at the connective tissue of genres such as electronic, minimal house and indie pop, defying categorisation. Since debuting his Algebra project in 2020, Gregory Poncet has fine-tuned a dream-like style of music, intensely personal, that straddles multiple songwriting worlds. Now, Algebra reveals his first collection of material under his new moniker and unveils another side of his musical background. 

This new record marks a step into simplicity with complexity merging both contemporary and vintage references, electronic and acoustic instruments, songwriting and loopy song format into all sounds coherent. On Aphantasia songs drift at leisure, environments and voices pass by, revealing an artist unafraid to change shapes and maintain fragility and creativity. It is better considered as a series of cross-pollinations, where spontaneity and naivety navigate to an ongoing journey through the possibilities of intimate pop.


Released on: 25.02.2022
Catalogue N°: CRDS71
FormatLP / Digital
Artwork by: Dual Room & Jean-Vincent Simonet


1. Why Don't You Believe Me
2. Unexpected Things
3. Hello World
4. Versatile
5. Memory of You
6. On Hold
7. When I Close My Eyes
8. Au Bord de la Mer

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