Joe Galen

Joe Galen makes electronic music inspired by nature and cosmic acoustics. His 2010 debut For Triangles weaves harmonized lyrical narratives around layers of acoustoelectric soundscapes. Carcrash percussion from glitchy drum machines, juxtaposed against poetic and natural vocal lines. Joe's 2010 release on 3:4 records' Does your cat know my dog and remixes for Fortuna and labelmate Consor showcase an interest in glitching up other electronic artists' work. In 2012, Joe Galen took part in the WeeklyBeats 2012 project, writing and recording a piece of music for each week in the year. Although he missed one week while away in Ibiza the year produced 51 original tracks.

Joe Galen is currently studying for a PhD at the HighWire Doctoral Training Centre at Lancaster (UK) but hopes to release material based on the WeeklyBeats 2012 output.


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Joe Galen - Spun Circles [Official Music Video]

Joe Galen - Contraversion [Official Music Video]