Erotico Enthousiaste

Cat. number: CRDS66
Release date: 21 May 2021

Los Orioles new album score gets inspiration from iconic beats sampled from earlier hip hop producers and 70s Brazilian funk sounds to psychedelic French pop. It is immersed in the Biel/Bienne subculture which bursts with its vivid colors and surreal imagination.

Conceived as a fictive film's original soundtrack, this new opus finds the 7-member band in an entirely new place musically, just a year out from Vacances à Mer, their latest EP. With Erotico Enthousiaste, an unadulterated delight of tracks erupting with dynamic pop fillers, melodical earworms and verbose lyrically-fuelled love songs, Los Orioles affirm their position as the most promising psycho-romantics band in Switzerland.