Los Orioles

Born in the humid atmosphere of the Biel/Bienne cellars and squats in 2013, Los Orioles are the groovy psychonauts exploring the fringes of space music, contorted and constructed for a terrestrial dancefloor. The seven-piece Swiss band are known and loved for their blend of Latin rhythms, psychedelic rock, catchy and romantic French lyrics and furiously rocking live shows, complete with dance routines. They capture and underscore the glorious mixture of culture and sound.

After a couple of releases on DIY labels such as Sacred Hood and Rock This Town, Los Orioles signed onto Creaked for their latest EP Vacances à Mer, which saw them expand into pop territory with harmony, choir singing and African rhythms. Following their collaboration, the next album is set to be released in 2021.

Los Orioles have had the pleasure to take the stage and work their magic at numerous festivals and clubs. They are aliens, enchanting fusion rock, surfing through electropsychosis with a punk attitude and wailing to get us lost in storms of galactic sirens.

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Los Orioles - Clair de Lune [Official Music Video]

Los Orioles - Habanero [Official Music Video]