Jura, the sophomore full-length from the Swiss duo Larytta, is a galvanizing synthesis of essential grooves and effervescent melodies. It took years to finish the record! Christain Pahud and Guy Meldem spent this time carefully calibrating their songwriting to achieve what could be called the golden mean, i.e. the perfect balance between a radio friendly sound and club functionality. The result is a collection of songs that are instantly accessible, yet wholly unpredictable. They feel familiar because they were crafted by seasoned musicians who, over the years, have mastered the science of fundamental swing and melody.

The album is full of clever and tasteful references: Africa, the Middle East, the dusty Western 70s and "the white lines" 80s, all shine through at different points of this sonic journey. The production is chunky, juicy, warm and analog. The lyrics are witty and even sometimes downright funny. The song titles testify to this fact: "Osama Obama", "Love Love Banana", "Broken Leg Theory", "Les Bambous" - come on!

Without a doubt, Jura is a beautifully idiosyncratic world, complete and stand-alone.


Released on: 09.03.2015
Catalogue N°: CRDS45
FormatLP / CD / Digital
Artwork by: Maximage


1. Something Good
2. Osama Obama
3. Revolution 10
4. Baby Come Back
5. Love Love Banana
6. Jura
7. Broken Leg Theory
8. Mi Vida
9. All I Do
10. Les Bambous
11. Medication

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