Pôle EP

Cat. number: CRDS38
Release date: 30 Sep 2013

Creaked Records is proud to present Pôle EP –the ambitious, moody, low-end-laden debut of Swiss native Gaspard de La Montagne.

From the beginning to the end it's clear that this three track EP was tastefully put together by a passionate Bass music lover to touch others of a similar inclination. The release seamlessly fuses Minimal artifacts with a Post-Step swing, layers of organic texture, and a pinch of introspective Soul –and tops it all off with arrangements that thrive on euphoric build ups of Techno which are very effective. Although Pôle EP was undoubtedly made with healthy sound systems and packed dancefloors in mind –as the strong and relentless grooves of both Alpes and Pôle will testify –Drops, which features the sultry voice of Nathan Baumann of the band The Fawn, also leans into what could easily be classified as modern Pop. It will definitely make for great late-night headphone listening.   

Pôle EP represents a new breed of electronic music which treats its listeners the way holistic doctors treat their patients –by paying attention to and taking care of their whole being: mind, body, and soul.

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