Gaspard de La Montagne

Having previously experimented with various styles of music and performed in several acts, Swiss artist Gaspard de la Montagne is distilling his sound into something truly unique, as dark and tough as it is beautiful. Though the elements in his music are sometimes ice-cold, together they leave you feeling the opposite.

He impressed with his debut Pôle EP in 2013 and again with both Stallion and Thot a couple of years later, as his focus shifted from synth-led euphoria to bassy, hybrid techno. Today, his tracks bring the two directions together with seldomly-heard originality. Spectres, Gaspard’s first EP for his own label Sbire, exhibits this balance as well as any of his music so far. Dark, functional tracks shot with beams of light, where shards of sound react with one another and melody reflects from the edges.

His DJ performances are an eclectic mix of records old and new, usually ones more dancefloor-orientated than his own. Techno, bass, broken-beat and house tracks flow side-by-side, each containing a certain something that relates to Gaspard's sound. Unafraid of the occasional left-turn, obscurities or unusual rhythms, his sets offer plenty to discover and dance to.

Whether live, on record or through his exciting new platform Sbire, Gaspard de la Montagne embeds an almost post-club aesthetic into his soundscapes. He treads the fine line between calculated dance music and pure experimentation with guile, giving a highly distinctive character to his output.


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Gaspard de La Montagne - Alpes [Official Music Video]