I Continue In The Nude

Following their incredible first full-length, Starting Teeth are back with I Continue In The Nude EP which consists of a selection of the most danceable tracks from their album, plus one very special cut "Twisted Floors" and "Our Old Teen" remixed by Scuba, owner of Hotflush recordings.

To reinforce their sound aesthetics, Starting Teeth offer a killer combination of cuts ‘n breaks techno shuffling with an imaginary electronica soundscape.

Productions such as "xxDONE" and "Empty" were definitively made to hit the world’s biggest dance floors, and tracks such as "Tongue Journey" and "Twisted Floors" perfectly demonstrate how Starting Teeth are free to not do what they can do. “Ankles” shows their Haunted Twisted Legs trademark and brings you back to the 90’s rave music. Don’t miss it.


Released on: 28.04.2008
Catalogue N°: CRDS12
Format12" / Digital
Artwork by: Childe Grangier


1. xxDONE
2. Twisted Floors
3. Ankles feat. Oliver Mental Groove
4. Empty
5. Tongue Journey feat. Danuel Tate
6. Our Old Teen (Scuba Remix)

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