Still Life with Skull

Cat. number: CRDS20
Release date: 05 May 2010

Following up on his brilliant Creaked debut Paint Club EP last year, Julien Aubert strikes again with another great conceptual EP, Still Life with Skull. Inspired by the eponymous painting, this new digital EP proves his will in linking music to art. All the tracks titles are subtly connected to the original painting. Take the cover for example, 'what's with the brownish?’ you might ask. Well, if you took the minimal reduction of all of the colors appearing in the « Still Life with Skull » painting, this is the color you’d come up with. Now you know.

Power techno, soft house, sweet and deep atmospheres, subtle weirdo melodies, Julien Aubert’s second EP offers many directions all the while keeping his very distinctive style. On the highlight dance-hit « Skeletons », soft and discrete voices blend in with magical rhythms and its pop spirit makes it a refreshing and shining techno cut. Tracks as « 6d5d46 » and « Fruits » are purely oriented for the night-peak dancefloor. Apocalyptic and spatial, « Frame » is a picture perfect complement to Still Life with a Skull EP. With its textured layers, and its slow persuasive staccato beat, Julien Aubert delivers the ideal after-party track to watch the sun rise with hands up in the air…                        

On the B-side, two exclusives remixes will keep your body pumping. San Francisco-based Ruoho Ruosti’s « Frame » version adds heavy baseline and a pulse bringing it back to full-throttle, whereas legendary techno producer Hakan Lidbo’s remix of « Ruban » accomplishes a visceral strange feat in delivering a quite minimal yet frenetically and hypnotically bouncy track, a must!

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