Julien Aubert

Julien Aubert is an electronic-techno producer based in Vevey, Switzerland. Growing up in an Indie teenage rock scene, nothing could predict what he would become, Julien Aubert finally fell into electronic music, incorporating rave and techno as well as experimental and ambient sounds into his creations.

Julien Aubert now creates a subtle blend of minimalist techno, ambient-downtempo and experimental electronica music. His taste for detail is a strong motif throughout his work. Laying down each layer of his sound with intensity and precision, he carefully crafts his track.

Educated at the Geneva School of Fine Arts, Julien Aubert has held several Contemporary Art exhibitions all over Switzerland and abroad. He now lives off his work in picturesque Vevey, Switzerland, where he paints each and every cover of his records.

Julien Aubert gives nothing but live performances, delivering exclusive material or new original versions of his work. Whether you are a twitching dancefloor aficionado or just a plain old music lover who actually listens to music, the complexity of Julien Aubert's rhythm will captivate and thrill you again and again.


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