Two Sleepwalkers On a Tight Rope

Cat. number: CRDS04
Release date: 27 May 2005

Opak has Arnaud Sponar and Julien Grandjean joined together to create their own music style. Opak puts a blend of electronic, rock and experimental music into an offering with a fresh and cutting, 21st Century flavor.

Narcotic atmospheres, the energy of real instruments, and experimentation in noise and sounds are the common elements which archieve a certain sonic alchemy.

Opak sees the release of their second album Two Sleepwalkers On A Tight Rope, a much accomplished and excellent album bringing together once again a creative and refreshing blend of electronic music and post-rock with an experimental attitude, the whole built up with sonic guitar drones, staccato and jazzy drums, digital manipulations, hypnotic basslines, tons of samples, electronic soundscapes, resulting in a much innovative album, done without any compromise.

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