Julien Grandjean and Arnaud Sponar united for a musical project in 1999. The result was Opak. They have gradually come to find their common musical ground and put together the elements of their sonic alchemy: hypnotic atmospheres; the vital energy of real instruments; and experimentation on sound and noise.

In 2003, on the Geneva-based label Urgence Disk, Opak released their first album, Prolog, which received very good feedback from fans and the media. This established a strong reputation for Opak in terms of innovation and creativity.                             

Two years later they brought out their second full-length and much accomplished Two Sleepwalkers On A Tight Rope for Creaked.               

Over time, Opak has built a solid relation with Thanassis Fouradoulas, who added video/visual projection to their live-act and designed the whole band discography.


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