Rusty Handcuffs EP

Taken off Consor‘s second full-length Tumult, the heavy overdriven masterpiece "Rusty Handcuffs" leads you on an epic breakbeat journey with metal power chords and humming sub-bass. Now packaged with four stellar remixes to complete this brand spanking new Rusty Handcuffs EP.

Winnipeg-based producer Venetian Snares turns the track into a frenetic anxious workout with his massive old-school jackhammer rhythms and a powerful bassline submerging your ears to a deep, endless abyss.

The Consor self remix is aimed more at the dancefloor and keeps the strong metal energy spirit found in the original version whilst showing another set of slick production skills.

West Coast Bay Area producer Bloodysnowman keeps his particular razor edge lazer and metallic sounds imprint molding the ‘Bloody Handcuffs’ remix into a slow and apocalyptic anthem.

The Rusty Handcuffs EP closes with a very special rework of "Epilogue" by Haïr in which Starting Teeth's Childe Grangier's new solo project creates a mixture of ravey synth pads, deconstructed loops, weird organic drums pattern and hypnotic repetitions.


Released on: 11.11.2011
Catalogue N°: CRDS31
Artwork by: Horsform


1. Rusty Handcuffs
2. Rusty Handcuffs (Venetian Snares Remix)
3. Rusty Handcuffs (Consor Remix)
4. Rusty Handcuffs (Bloodysnowman ''Bloody Handcuffs'' Remix)
5. Epilogue (Haïr Remix)

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