A Norwegian duo founded by Dag-Are Haugan and Espen Sommer Eide, Alog brings a breath of fresh air with their very own blend of modern, melodic and minimal electronica merged with warm instruments and organic sounds.

They have released many mesmerizing albums, four on a Norway-based label, Rune Grammofon, and one on Melektronik called Catch that Totem in 2006. These were followed by the long awaited lost EP Islands Of Memory on Creaked and Just Recording limited to 100 copies on En/Of.

Even the very word Alog has this shifting quality, never settling into one meaning but playing with the stems of a large collection of interconnected words like analog, digital, dialog, logical, analogy, allegory and so on. Alog promises always to strive for the unexpected and surprises us with the unsettling and unnerving quality of sound that escapes any final categorisation.