Miro Lopasso

Born in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, Miro Lopasso had his first music experience with turntables in a local record store as a teenager, before relocating to Berlin to experience its hedonism and its electronic music scene. There, he started Djing at clubs such as Sisyphos and Suicide Circus, eventually settling into the Berlin techno scene. He connected with the prestigious Berghain club’s community and worked there as a stage technician for seven years, forging links and friendships within this techno phenomenon.

Active as a DJ in established Berlin clubs like Tresor, About Blank or Schwuz, he was shaping his ongoing desire to carefully craft blended outputs of industrial soundscapes, percussive drums and acid inspirations. His debut track, ‘Beneath’, was released on Dutch label Mord’s first compilation Herdersmat (Part 1-7) in 2015. After a creative hiatus, he came back to his roots with a debut EP Ass It!  in 2020 on Creaked, to be followed by The Encounter from Galactic Outposts in 2022. 

Continuing on his production journey, Miro Lopasso founded his own label, LPS, which has released his two latest EPs last year : Modified Humans and Nediar