Big Scary Woods

Cat. number: CRDS24
Release date: 10 Sep 2010

With the Big Scary Woods EP, Bloodysnowman is back on Creaked, heralding the spooky and slow rave influence forward. Striding along a psychedelic and eerie path of the electronic, Bay Area producer Shawn Porter goes back and forth from pulsating, glitched instrumental hip-hop, metallic and lazer sounds, lo-fi floating pads, hypnotic and haunted atmospheres, heavy bass lines, epic synth anthems, and dancehall beatscapes.

The songs on Bloodysnowman's Big Scary Woods EP contain vast music soundscapes, making it a definitive portrait of Porter's creative universe. The track « Underwater Stars » begins with a huge West Coast glitch noise and an incisively upbeat imprint, mixed with an epic synth cut melody line. Next up is « Animal Candy » with Bloodysnowman's razor edge lazer sounds and its colossal beat which makes it one of the highlights of the EP. Fat metallic subs and frightening voices, the foggy ten-minute-long slow motion piece « Even the Eyes Have Eyes » fits perfectly for deeply satifying subway headphone sessions.

The dubbed out death trance « Red Rainbows » brings together an up-tempo beat and cut off 90's Euro dance melodies while paranoiac « Psychic Sunrise » drapes its slow and mesmerinizing sub-marine techno beat with aggressive high frequencies for an emotionally stirring result. The closing track « Hypno Trails » fuses aquatic and deafening glitch fragments with a punchy ragga beat. Bloodysnowman proves yet again with his very personal approach of making electronic music that he's without question a bright Westside representative of this superlative musical movement.

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