How To Make Good Music and Be A Happy Person

How To Make Good Music and Be A Happy Person, a compilation of unreleased tracks composed in the late 90's and early 2000’s, marks Hrdvsion’s return to Creaked. Having previously made releases in the label’s early years with their duo Starting Teeth, Hrdvsion have produced a consistently impressive and unendingly eclectic sound that distills a myriad of influences into irresistible and deeply diverse moments. 

The result may be unrefined, but this collection of songs proves that even then, Hrdvsion's hallmark sound —a relentless kick drum, beeping melodies and decontextualized sounds— was in place. Through their compositions, they were already questioning the way that things ought to be, both within and beyond music. 

Mastered by Stephan Betke and a fitting complement to Hrdvsion’s impressive discography, How To Make Good Music and Be A Happy Person shows a restless artist searching to summon the utmost combination of art and accessibility where jungle, IDM, techno and ambient meet head on, carving a wondrous creative path of their own.


Released on: 04.11.2022
Catalogue N°: CRDS74
FormatCassette / Digital
Artwork by: Nathan Jonson


1. Jazztip
2. In Theory
3. R35 P3 Ct
4. 77 Is Too Hot
5. Self Song One
6. Anarog 2000
7. Ref Rain
8. Happy New Years And Thanks

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