Shawn Porter is the sole member of Bloodysnowman. Born in San Francisco but then transported to the Grizzly Flat Mountains, Shawn's upbringing his reflected in is eclectic tastes. He spent his youth listening to 80's radio electro funk and pop while still soaking in the country flavour of Fleetwood Mac and countless folk acts.

Isolation plays a big part of Bloodysnowman's music. Feeling lost and disoriented creates a hole for bloody to seep into while he makes it his life.

What was a ditch before is now saturated with pop music from the woods. It is now a roller rink for any creature that can keep it's head up through the circle.

Bloodysnowman has released an acclaimed self-titled debut album and a remix album on Daly City records, as well as Big Scary Woods and a Split versus EP Unicorn Glowsticks Rave Party with his mate Mochipet on Creaked.

If there were a black unicorn that made electronic music in an enchanted forest, it would be this. As the name implies, the music is bloody, cold and dark. Something that might seem strange at first, but over time it will grow on you. Like a rainy Oakland day, it's a surprisingly enjoyable undertaking.


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