Fun Zone

Cat. number: CRDS52
Release date: 05 Oct 2015

Taking a walk on the modern side of Grime Street, La Vie C’est Facile crosses over and fuses different styles with electro instrumental hip-hop, bass music, techno and jungle into a brooding masterpiece of disjointed and distorted beats.

Coming with a 5-track EP, the DJ/producer duo of La Vie C’est Facile drapes a futuristic industrial atmosphere within their music, taking plenty of the elements of Grime and pushing those boundaries to bring something that defies categorization, all through their own inspirit filter. Their composition approach sounds like streetwise music for the year 3000, creating a hugely interesting and singular piece of work.

The ironically titled Fun Zone EP starts with « Racer Z » which drops metallic and ghetto ambiences, breathing in an anxious and claustrophobic spirit with a wooden, chunky bass —the result is a contemporary hard-edged feeling of the Biel/Bienne lifestyle. « Casino » elevates the mood with a graceful twinkling melody, gently melded with grimey beat patterns and snapping claps and snares on a heavy sub bass.

On the flip side, « Adrenaline » pushes its way across terror and horror soundscapes with a menacing bass prowl, while « White Cobra » injects twisted experimental sounds riding on incredible beats. « Europium » finishes the EP, mixing asian and cold melodies with criss-crossing drums deservedly ear-pleasing and emotionally stirring. With Fun Zone EP, La Vie C’est Facile showcases a forward-thinking and fearless debut!

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