Consor used field recordings, noises, samples, instrument loops and other various sounds recorded throughout Europe over a two-year period. All of these sounds are used as sources to build up its music, which evokes a warm and organic feeling through a very original method of composition.

Instruments, samples, deconstructed rhythms, field recordings, loops, subtle digital noises, dreamy melodies, cold atmospheres, endless soundscapes, minimal beats, infra bass... countless sounds are put together to conjure up Mesantropia. It is a subtle combination of electronica influences and experimental sounds with a pop attitude.

From warm and minimalist pop, to cold and melancholic electronic sounds and mechanical experimentation, Consor brings an exceptional and unique debut album of contemporary electronic music, somewhere between Autechre, Mogwai and Plastikman.


Released on: 07.09.2006
Catalogue N°: CRDS07
FormatCD / Digital
Artwork by: Drawcaliber


1. Qwertz
2. Aikon
3. Monoski
4. Valmo
5. Godmorgon
6. Sashimi
7. Springbok
8. Niqorb
9. Erastz
10. Satellite
11. Minotaur's Fall

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