Entwined Synergies

Introducing Owelle's release Entwined Synergies on Creaked, a thrilling culmination of her artistic evolution throughout the past years. Emerging from Geneva's dynamic club scene, she continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, showcasing her prowess in blending bright colors and eclectic accents to craft a unique, sharp-yet-quite-sweet cocktail of sound. This new EP features three captivating tracks, accompanied by a mesmerizing video clip that adds a visual layer to her sonic explorations.

Building on the success of her 2023's releases, Owelle has solidified her position as a leading force in the Swiss club scene. While Detuned Leashes saw her merging breakbeat, IDM, and techno with field recordings and psychedelic vocals, setting the stage for her subsequent releases, the debut on Dee Dee's Picks marked a further step in her musical journey, emphasizing her dedication to experimentation and a refusal to be confined by genre conventions.

The Entwined Synergies EP not only encapsulates her unfolding towards a more dance-club-oriented sound but also hints at the artist's ongoing odyssey and commitment to pushing her creative limits. Owelle continues to shape her own future in the music landscape, leaving audiences eager for what she has in store next.


Released on: 03.05.2024
Catalogue N°: CRDS79
Artwork by: Valérie Siron


1. Magnetic Kins
2. Taming
3. Corrosive

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