Cat. number: CRDS05
Release date: 29 Nov 2005

Packed with unstoppable energy and creative ideas, the first EP from Swiss Lausanne-based artists producers Christian Pahud and Guy Meldem, as Larytta, is built up with sampled noises, guitar loops, imaginative atmospheres, flashy melodies, big catchy hooks, looped rhythms, digital crackles, groovy beats, hybrid textures, various noises, heavy basslines, dynamic structures...and vocals by Guy and Christian which add a more pop and personal touch to the songs.

Putting together influences from underground electronic and top selling hits from the pop charts, Larytta bring in a solid, adventurous, infectious and punchy debut EP with a unique personality.

Seduced by both variety and variabelity, the music of Larytta takes inspiration from a wide range of sources without ever being reducible to a narrow list of influences, and musically defies easy classification or lazy pigeonholing. You gotta listen to it!

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