Larytta is the project of Swiss artists-producers Guy Meldem and Christian Pahud. The multi-talented duo rapidly caught attention with their albums “Difficult Fun” and “Jura”, or with the single “Osama Obama”. This was followed by tours in France, Spain, the US, Russia and China, where they performed at prestigious festivals such as SXSW, Montreux Jazz, Electron, Sonar, Paléo, Les Siestes Electroniques,… Larytta’s music has also been used in various Netflix movies and series.

With a musical style which is hard to categorize, they bring together weird electronic beats, catchy melodies, hypnotizing voices, guitar loops, mainstream chorus, keyboards and crazy homemade noises created in their laboratory. Larytta deliver an innovative blend of modern indie music and electronic music.


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Larytta - Souvenir de Chine [Official Music Video]

Larytta - Osama Obama [Official Music Video]

Larytta - Something Good [Official Music Video]