I Won’t Do Anything I Can Do

Starting Teeth is a collaboration project born between the brains of electronic producers Childe Grangier and Nathan Jonson, also known as Hopen and Hrdvsion, who are Pacific and Atlantic and more than ever united in the quest of doing things freely!

In order to not do what they can do, Hopen (France) and Hrdvsion (Canada) decided to join forces as Starting Teeth. In doing so, they created a pool of energy and creativity for the next century as the Haunted Dancefloor Twisted Legs Fighters!

Starting Teeth is the free combination of sounds between friends, that crosses over an ocean and through many countries, Canada, Mexico, France and Switzerland. This worldwide adventure features an all-star line up of guests, a true "dream team" combination of electronic warriors, including Danuel Tate (From Cobblestone Jazz posse), Oliver (founder and owner of the Mental Groove label), the emergings talents Larytta and Mexican newcomer Pinto. All of this is powered by Creaked for its 10th release!

What makes Starting Teeth's projects so fresh is their unique and futuristic vision of making electronic music, their special mixture of free-electronica, funny mental techno and break‘n cuts hyphy. They combine an imaginative and groundbreaking electronic music which will break your ankles trying to dance to it. Watch out!


Released on: 08.02.2008
Catalogue N°: CRDS10
FormatCD / Digital
Artwork by: Childe Grangier


1. Gogo
2. Tongue Journey feat. Danuel tate
3. xxDONE
4. Concerning The Bombs feat. Larytta
5. Burn The Roof Tropical
6. Porcelain Shuttle feat. Pinto
7. Empty
8. Our Old Teen
9. Ankles feat. Oliver Mental Groove
10. The Field
11. I Won't Do...
12. Everything Ends
13. Good Night

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