Difficult Fun

Founded in 2004 by Guy Meldem and Christian Pahud, Larytta is one of the most exciting and creative acts of the moment. They prove it with their massive and highly anticipated debut of the full-length Difficult Fun, packed with lyrical modern pop music and catchy electronic beats.

Accomplished musicians and producers with a host of projects, collaborations and releases under their belts, Christian is also known as the drummer for rock band Honey for Petzi, while Guy runs the notorious design agency Körner Union and also produces under the pseudonym of Jetta.

Larytta previously released the singles Larytta (2005) and Ya-Ya-Ya (2007) which generated a strong and ever-growing buzz at a worldwide level, which led to coverage on many key blogs and other media, as well as tours with the likes of Jamie Lidell, Snax, DJ Mehdi, Cadence Weapon, Round Table Knights, The Chap. . . . to name but a few.

2008 sees the release of Larytta's full-length Difficult Fun, which brings 13 new and excitingly quirky tracks, including hit singles from the previous EPs. The most impressive aspect of the album is its rich elements of musicality within a wide range of inspirations from modern pop/soul to electro/techno and inspired dashes of African music, hip-hop and R&B.

Christian's sexy voice and Guy's rap combined promise great chart-conquering possibilities! Larytta's music aesthetics bring together weird electronic beats, African rhythms, melodies that will make you want to sing along, hypnotizing voices, guitar loops, mainstream chorus, keyboards and crazy home-made noises created in Christian's & Guy's laboratory. In other words, a refreshing mixture of music styles make Larytta stand out from the others.


Released on: 06.10.2008
Catalogue N°: CRDS13
FormatCD / Digital
Artwork by: Koerner Union


1. Wonder Vendor
2. Money for Pizza
3. Bauch Amp
4. Voodoo Things (Difficult Lee)
5. Love Love Odyssey
6. Ya-Ya-Ya
7. Is This Cheese?
8. Spoiled Kids
9. Souvenir de Chine
10. The Money
11. The City Walls
12. Filthy Jim
13. Tous Mes Amis

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