Cosili is the pseudonym of Zurich-based techno producer Philip Schmassmann.

He previously released successful 12"’s on labels like Motoguzzi, Stattmusik, and the stunning EP The Adventures of Cosy Cosili for Creaked. He is the owner of the popular vinyl store Platform45 along with Dj and producer Serafin in Zurich.

After finishing The London International Filmschool, where he specialized in film-sound, Cosili gets back to Zurich to start doing music from industrial to hiphop, from noise to rave, from happyhardcore to downtempo, from techno to house.

In this way, Cosili spread his reputation as one of the most interesting and innovative quirky minimal techno acts from Switzerland to Zurich, Paris, Berlin and other cities in Europe.

As music brings people together, he loves jam sessions with musicians from every sort of background. The most important collaborations have been (or still are): Anatol (with Canson), Fark (with Samim), Muene Amed (with Andaloop), to name just a few.


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