Ella Soto

Ella Soto is a Swiss singer and producer who burst onto the music scene in 2014 with her new school R’n’B track "Let Yourself Go". She persisted in her own homemade beats revolution with the debut EP "We’re on a Mission" self-released in early 2015 which was mostly dedicated to women. These ten songs are like spells, and her sincerity touched many hearts. Right after this, the young beat maker released a second EP entitled "Spiritual Love", softer and more professional in terms of its production.

Although humanist in direction and mostly about self love, Ella Soto is able to distinguish herself from the R'n'B mainstream with her song lyrics which show maturity and are often feminists in tone.


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Ella Soto - POWER [Official Music Video]

Ella Soto - Watch Out [Official Music Video]