After her hypnotic post-rave/retro-futuristic debut EP, the world of Grace Core deepens with KRSNA RMX. Featuring remixes from two Americans and four Swiss, this new 5-track EP is a series of reinterpreted tracks by both upcoming and established artists who explore Grace Core’s material from a multitude of angles and in their own variable styles. The package teases out new subtleties that rival the original tracks' creative moxie.

Chicago native and footwork producer EQ Why drops its powerful and frenetic beats on "NN2" while Mike Waulie and Ella Soto reinvent "Vorax", plunging it into an eerie and warm R&B version with a melancholy touch. Mister Belly’s take on "Violet" transforms the track with a hip-hop/trance aesthetic, adding a heavy dose of synth and percussion. The highlight definitively comes from Ghostly International’s best weapon, Lord RAJA. His 'Moog & Pedals' remix of "Breeze" is underpinned by a strong kick and a heavy bassline with tons of synth modulation. The EP closes with Chief’s remix of "Jahar". With his soulful hip-hop, the beat producer brings the reworked version into a wider and deeper realm.


Released on: 28.10.2016
Catalogue N°: CRDS57
Artwork by: Emmanuel Rey & Hervé Annen


1. NN2 (EQ Why Remix)
2. Vorax feat. Ella Soto (Mike Waulie Remix)
3. Violet (Mister Belly Remix)
4. Breeze (Lord RAJA 'Moog & pedals' Remix)
5. Jahar (Chief Remix)

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