Olive T

Olive T, a native New Yorker deeply ingrained in the city's vibrant dance culture, emerges as a multifaceted artist celebrated for her unique fusion of classic disco and house with a modern twist. Immersed in New York's dance scene for over a decade, Olive T's DJ sets resonate across a spectrum of venues, from iconic spots like Elsewhere and House of Yes to international airwaves on NTS and BBC. Her dedication to music production knows no bounds, with releases on respected labels such as Nervous Records, 2MR and Permanent Vacation, showcasing her ability to craft intricate narratives influenced by history and technical mastery, captivating listeners with her sonic journeys.

From her early fascination with Tony Humphries' mixes to recent performances at Montreux Jazz and Polaris, Olive T's journey through the realm of electronic music is one of continual evolution and exploration. Inspired by The Neptunes, she delved into music production at a young age, shaping her path with a series of acclaimed releases and remixes. Her musical range spans from lively 909s and lush uplifting pads to minimal yet groove-infused compositions, revealing her versatility and artistic depth.

As a true New Yorker, Olive T's bond with the city runs deep, rooted in the vibrant sounds that shaped her upbringing. From the soulful beats of '80s and '90s house music to the diverse genres she encountered growing up, each rhythm echoes the pulse of the city streets. Her contributions to the local scene as both a DJ and producer have cemented her status as an underground icon, with her sets and productions serving as a testament to the enduring spirit of NY's nightlife.

Embarking on new territories, Olive T's musical journey unfolds with boundless creativity and unwavering passion. With upcoming releases on Swiss label Creaked and a commitment to exploring fresh avenues of artistic expression, she remains dedicated to pushing artistic boundaries and challenging norms. While her move to Geneva signifies a new chapter, her identity as an artist is forever intertwined with her experiences in New York City, leaving an indelible mark on the global dance music landscape.

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