Verveine drops Antony, her new EP in March 2015. Built on pop and techno influences, she cut her teeth collecting concerts, deepening and intensifying her universe and building ethereal compositions based on loops and thick sound layers.

After more than forty shows in 2014, her budding traits transformed into a different type of live experience, tinged by techno hues, which enabled her to raise her live sets to a new level, somewhere between traditional performance and radical clubbing experimentation.

Always radiating a mysterious aura, Verveine’s music takes her audience for an unsettling stroll through refined atmospheres, using her hypnotic voice to see it through her technoid maze.
The four tracks off Antony are built upon moving gradually from the enigmatic, quasi-Lynchian "Premier" to the acid maelstrom of "Veine R #1". This is followed by three remixes from Alexander Robotnick, Stas and La Vie C'est Facile that brings Verveine even closer to the electronic universe she is particularly fond of.


Released on: 09.03.2015
Catalogue N°: CRDS48
Artwork by: Guillaume Ehinger


1. Premier
2. Undergrass
3. Antony's Affair
4. Veine R #1
5. Undergrass (Alexander Robotnick Remix)
6. Antony's Affair (Stas Remix)
7. Antony's Affair (La Vie C'est Facile Remix)

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